Fascinated by different ways of seeing, the Dodges have an eye for the poetry of the visual world. They are drawn to images that speak in a metaphorical or archetypal language, illuminating the near and far. The impact of the still image, its way of isolating a subject in time and space, tells us something about the act of seeing, about what it means to be here, now, framed by a geography and drawn to the infinite magic of light.

An independent, Vermont-grown photography studio, Dodge Studio Arts is the creative offspring of Silver Maple Editions, an art print gallery owned and operated by Bill and Benedicte Dodge from 1999-2013. Before starting Silver Maple, Bill and Benedicte ran an independent bookstore in Montreal, Ficciones, that specialized in international literature. 

A graduate with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design, Madeleine Dodge's art practice balances her appreciation for the aesthetics of the handmade with her interest in both traditional and digital photography.

Images from Dodge Studio Arts can be custom-sized and are available in different file formats. The Dodges provide image consulting as well as visual design and presentation services.

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